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Hi, it’s been a while! Sharing why I paused my health coaching business and what I have been up to

If you have just arrived to my corner of the internet - I would like to say Welcome! I hope you will find inspiration and some useful advice and that, perhaps, one day we get to work together!

And those who have followed me for a while, you may have noticed I have been rather quiet, aside from my occasional Instagram stories. I thought I would share what I have been up for the past 1 year and what’s to come (a.k.a. what’s in it for you :)) You will also find some pictures in this post that I have not shared before.

So... why the pause?

Well, to start with, we welcomed my little boy and all of the sudden we became a family with 3 kids under 5. Let me tell you, that term is famous for a reason - it felt like a whole new level as parents and now we were outnumbered, too. As usual, I was so nauseous the entire first semester; if you have been there, you know the feeling of exhaustion and struggle to smell food alone, never mind cook, but you have to keep going! So I have made a decision to start slowing down and take it day by day. I kept coaching, but I simply had no energy for social media or any content creation, to be honest. What’s the point of me preaching self-care and overall wellbeing while I am exhausting myself to the next level before the baby even comes?

And when my little man arrived (Manifesting Generator, by the way, for those into Human Design), sleepless nights started... and just so we are clear, I am not talking the usual baby phase, I am saying that he slept 6 hours for the first time just before he turned 2 years old! That felt like a chapter and a half of my life and only those who have experienced it will truly understand. I will never forget the support of parents who have been through the same or worse - you have no idea how much it meant. I seriously don’t know how we made it through, but eventually it got better.

Ever heard about the damage that lack of sleep does to your body? I have and now was living through it, so again, I made a pact with myself, to take it day by day, do the best that I can on any given day and gently remind myself that this sleepless phase shall, too, pass. Cannot count how many times I have heard from my family and friends: ‘I don’t know how you do it’, to which I kept replying: ‘Neither do I!’.

I did not ‘bounce back’ after the birth (this term alone makes my eyes roll), I did not always manage to cook Instagram-worthy dinners, nor did I have any energy to exercise most of this time. Instead, I made a genuine peace with myself that such is this chapter of my life I focused on loving my family, because, if you know me, Family always comes first.

Now that I get to sleep some and start feeling a lot more human again, it’s time to press play again because I reaaaaaally missed coaching and, if anything I create or do inspires at least one person in this world and lifts them up, I am here for it and will keep going!

Oh, and...

One more thing! We have also only upped our lives and decided to finally move to Cape Town earlier this year, after having spent almost ten years in England! This has long been in the dreaming, making, manifesting phase... it was terrifying, yet the most rewarding experience. A little background here - my husband grew up in Cape Town, so it’s only me who started here fresh. We have visited family a lot, we got married here in Stellenbosch, but of course, it’s totally different to an actual move.

It’s been insanely busy settling in, renovating and filling up our empty house, exploring and just enjoying. I have been experimenting with gardening in a new climate and have been planting palm trees, frangipanis, bird of paradise and all the other tropical plants that I can.

A long time ago, my colleague called me ‘solar-powered’ and I cannot agree more, so my heart is beyond happy now that we have started a long season of warmth and sunshine. And as someone who was born on a cold Christmas day, I now get to be a summer baby in the Southern Hemisphere :)

The move story alone could be a whole another post, but for now, let’s get to another part. And no, I did not forget, here are some pictures first:

Got ya... what’s next?

While technical side of resuming business is one thing, I took some time to reflect on what has changed or has not changed, whether I still feel the same passion to inspire and help people improve their health as well as their lives or perhaps it is time to start something else. And here is what came up:

  • That passion has only got stronger! I am here to support you, inspire you and help you change your health for the better.

  • More so than before, I deeply know that we are all so different, our bodies are unique, so again, no one approach/diet/exercise can work for us all the same way. We have different needs, we are in different chapters in our lives and it is only you who can experiment or decide what no longer continues or starts today.

  • Parenting is hard! Again, no two experiences are the same or define what we might be going through, and what we need right now. Our village and support are golden. It is ok to accept help, I have certainly embraced that in the last few years.

  • Our overall health is so much more than just what we eat or if we move enough. Information we take in, our relationships, accepting where we are and releasing what no longer works - these and probably a hundred more factors affect our overall wellbeing. It’s not that simple and no one should be judged at a glance.

  • Take in what resonates with you, because it is probably so for the reason. Just recently, I was learning from two very respected authorities in the wellness world and they were both sharing completely contradicting scientific facts from one another, truly believing they are correct. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, remind yourself, you are your own authority and deep down you really do know.

  • Lastly, I have completely lost interest in spending energy or my time on people that are simply not my people. I believe there is a reason for that and that it brings so much more peace and space in life. And at the same time, I have embraced that my work, too, will not relate to all the people and that is okay.

Let’s connect

So, if what you have read, resonated, I hope you will come back to check-in or we connect on your preferred social media platform (the links are on top of this page). And even more so, I would love to hear from you how I could help - in the form of either, content or working together.

Bye for now x

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